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Closet Solutions for Hard to Store Items

Discover great closet solutions to craft supplies.

Closets can store so many household items, but it can be a challenge to discover the most efficient closet solutions for your space. From games and gift wrap to craft and pet supplies, this blog will walk you through some of the best methods for organizing those hard to store items.

Board Games

From flimsy cardboard boxes, ranging in shape and size, to missing pieces, game closet solutions can be a headache. But fear not – there are some simple tricks for eliminating your board game woes. Strip your games of their bulky boxes and move them to plastic, clear storage bins. These plastic bins are much sturdier than cardboard game boxes, and by labeling the front of each bin you’ll make locating desired games that much easier. Then establish an organizational system, whether it’s alphabetical, by game category, etc. – whatever works best for you. Once again, this will make locating games much easier.

Gift Wrap

If you’re bursting at the seams with gift wrapping supplies, I promise you’re not alone. All that paper, ribbons, boxes and bags can quickly become a disorganized mess. The key closet solutions to organizing your wrapping supplies are separation and minimization. You won’t believe how easy it is to find the exact supplies you need when you need them if you give each wrapping category a designated location. The second crucial component is minimization – of space that is. One of the best ways to organize items like paper, spools of ribbon and bags is to store them on racks inside your closet door, which keep supplies easily accessible and preserve shelf space for other items. 

Craft Supplies

Crafters and DIYers are often overwhelmed by cluttered craft supplies, unable to find the right closet solutions within the abyss that once was their closet. When it comes to craft supplies, the best thing you can do is utilize the space to its fullest. Making the most of your space helps avoid clutter and ensures separation of the categories you’ve already established. Peg boards are especially handy for maximizing space on your closet walls and for holding writing utensils, scissors, small shelves and other small, lightweight items.

Pet Supplies

Any pet owner knows pets aren’t just animals, they’re members of the family. When it comes to clearing space in your closet for your beloved furry friend it’s all about accessibility. You want to keep the items you use the most nearby while storing items like food and treats out of your pet’s reach. Consider storing everyday items, like leashes, at eye level. Keep items you don’t want your pet getting into in drawers or sealed containers, or high enough that they are out of reach. Everything else, divide into categories, once again, and give each category its own draw, shelf, etc. 

7 Ingenious Closet Organizers for Small Spaces

Discover the best closet organizers for small spaces.



















If you have a small closet you understand the frustration that comes with piles of shoes, overflowing hangers and buckling shelves. Luckily, with the right closet organizers and some creative problem solving, you can make the most out of your small closet space.

Before you begin, purge yourself of unnecessary items. Kick off the organizational process by donating or selling anything you haven’t worn or used in the past year. Once you’ve narrowed down your items, reorganize your space with these seven ingenious closet organizers. 

Small Closet Organizers 

  1. Use dividers to make more room on your shelves. Separating piles of clothing makes it easier to keep everything organized and reduces wasted space between piles. 
  1. Maximize the space under your shelves using shelf baskets. These space-saving closet organizers are especially handy for storing socks, undergarments and accessories.
  1. Take advantage of your closet walls and doors by hanging belts, purses, jewelry, shoes and other items. This allows you to efficiently hang hard-to-store items while making great use of the empty space.
  1. Hang twice as many clothes in the same amount of space using tiered hangers. You can purchase these hangers at almost any home goods store, or you can make your own using the tabs from soda cans.
  1. Invest in hanger stands. These closet organizers neatly stack unused hangers on the ground so you can clear more hanging room for clothing and other items.
  1. If closet space is really tight, start storing your shoes elsewhere. Shoe trays easily slide under the bed or other furniture while keeping shoes accessible and out of the way.
  1. Try adding an extra hanging rod under your current closet organizers. Oftentimes people don’t take full advantage of the lower halves of their closets, but by doubling up your organizing systems you can store twice as much in the same amount of space.


Custom Closet Systems Designed For Your Space

Custom closet systems under a staircase to provide extra storage space with shelving.Very few people ever have enough space for all their stuff. They don’t have enough storage space, they don’t have enough closet space and they don’t have enough cupboard space. More times than not, the problem isn’t lack of space. It is how they are using the space that is the problem. Take a quick look at your closets and see how they are organized, or not organized as the case may be. Closet systems may be just want you need to keep things in order. If you just toss things into a closet or storage space, you are going to run out of space real soon no matter how big the space is originally. You may not need more closets, you may need closet solutions.

A well organized closet can hold much more stuff than a cluttered one. Consider havingcloset systems designed and installed to give you more space and help you stay organized. The best way to get started is to clean out your closets and see what you have for space and what you need to put in that space. Take a look at all the things that are in your closets(s). If you haven’t fixed it yet, trash it. If you haven’t worn it in the past six months or past year, donate it. Keep the useful stuff and get rid of everything else. Put it into piles as you prioritize what is left. Take everything you use once a year and stick it in a pile. Find the things you use every so often and put it in a separate pile. Put the stuff you use everyday in a different pile so you will know what you need in easy reach and what can go in the back.

When you have finished with all that, call in some expert help to design you your very own closet organization system. An experienced designer will come to your home and ask you what you need and what you want. They will consider your space, your budget, your height and your needs to personalize a solution for your space. They will look around and find closet space you never even knew you had. That alcove by your back door can be used to store things on hooks or on shelves or in baskets. They can build it for you using top quality materials and install it with precision craftsmanship. You will have a closet organizer that will help you keep away clutter and give you all the space you need.

Customizing your Clutter into Closet Organization


A custom closet organization system designed to hold everything.

Have you recently found yourself at the end of wits with closet cleaning woes?  Are you guilty of just throwing the overflow into a closet hoping the old adage of “out of sight, out of mind” will get you through to the next closet cleaning session?  Do you gently open that closet door praying you don’t get knocked down from an avalanche of your hidden (and often forgotten) treasures?

Organizing the catch-all closet can be made easy through proper design and craftsmanship.  The key is to plan first, implement later!  Regardless if you are repairing an outdated closet system, installing a new closet system, or looking for a customized storage solution, Closet Organizer Systems, Inc.’s experienced team will help you feel confident and safe when you open that dreaded door.  Better yet – organizing will put an end to digging and fumbling around in frustration saying “I know it is in here somewhere”.

As you enter the planning phase of customizing your closets to organization, here are a few pointers to consider:

  1. Set goals:   Keeping space limitations in mind, list everything you need and want your closet to be.  Prioritize your wishes and needs, realistically. For example, if you want to fit all of your shoes on 1 wall, Closet Organizer Systems, Inc. can come up with multiple solutions to fit your wardrobe, your height, and your personalized space!
  1. Weed through the clutter:  Don’t be a hoarder.  Throw out the unnecessary clutter – if you have not worn it, used it, or even looked for it in a year – it is time for it to go!  If it is in bad shape and you had high hopes of refurbishing it someday, but you honestly had no idea where it was until you began the organizing process to find it buried – throw it away!  Once you have cleared out the clutter, organize what you will keep into neat individual piles.  This is probably going to be the hardest part to accomplish … but be realistic in deciding what stays and what goes!
  1. Categorize piles:  Take stock in all you are keeping and create categories based on what the items are (i.e. clothes:  shirts, pants, jackets, etc. / tools:  electric and hand tools, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.).  This will help you to organize by items that need to be accessible vs what can be hidden behind other storage for that occasional or seasonal use.
  1. Measure, re-measure and measure again:  Make sure you measure the area you have to work with.  With the mountain of havoc gone, your space will undoubtedly appear so much bigger than you may have thought it was – but don’t let your dreams of perfection get ahead of the space available.  Know what you have to work with dimension-wise!  Width, depth, and height.
  1. Draw out a plan:  Draw up what you would like this space to look like; keeping your inventory and space in mind.
  1. Take the plunge — Give us a call or visit our website:  Let us help you get a realistic plan in motion that meets your budget, space, and organizational needs.

Once your embarrassing clutter is turned into an organized dream reality…. Step back and enjoy.  Your formerly crammed closet you were afraid to open is now your organized masterpiece … something you will be proud of and want to show off to your friends!  And better yet, you will know where everything is!  Give Closet Organizer Systems, Inc. a call… together we can turn mountains into organized mole hills!  We will help you customize your clutter to closet organization with great competitive pricing.